Monday, March 6, 2017

Mountain Brook Vineyards

Jenni and I were busy this weekend with wedding things.....but we managed to slip away Sunday and visit Mountain Brook Vineyards in Tryon. We enjoyed a bottle of their Rosé while sitting on the upstairs patio. Weather was a little cool but overall sunny and nice. We spoke with both owners, and they shared with us some cheese and crackers. They explained that they had hosted a cheese and wine pairing on Saturday. We then finished up with some chocolate chip cookies they also shared. The tasting room is small and upstairs, with a couple of tables on the patio. The owners shared with us that they will be moving the tasting room soon to the house which sits at the top of the hill. This will give more room and offer some excellent mountain views. I'd absolutely recommend placing this small boutique winery on your list of the HWY 9 vineyards.

The HWY 9 vineyards you ask? The five are Russian Chapel Hills, OverMountain Vineyards, Mountain Brook, Green Creek, & Parker-Binns.

Happy Weekend Wining!

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